ProMalaga urbanLab visit
On April 29th 2016 we visited ProMalaga Urban Lab facilities belonging to Malaga city council, placed in the building of the old Tobacco factory. There were talks and workshops. We were invited to La Farola, a crowdworking centre for innovation and smart city supported by Telefonica and the city council.
Workshops and talks were led by Open Future La Farola; innovation centre from Telefonica, ProMalaga; Ecoemprende, a green energy business; an expert from the programme “Andalucia emprende” on the project OER-CRAFT and Erasmus for young entrepeneurs, and by an expert in innovation, marketing and bold thinking.
Summaries and presentations from some talks and workshops are attached, including the workshop organised by Ecoemprende and the talks on OER-CRAFT and Erasmus for young entrepeneurs projects.
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School Time Bank
On April 26th 2016 the Time Bank topic and its implementation at school was dealt. Here we also have the ideas which came up from the students‘ meetings, both national and international, from the teachers and from the experts. There are also documents from Malaga centre Time Bank, the presentation done by the Spanish students and their offer and demand sheet filled in this mobility.
Teachers and students agreed to start an online time bank with the Erasmus+ students. The schools would start to launch it at their convenient time. Some students from the British school were reluctant to show their abilities and invest their time unless they were paid.
8) LESS Time Bank ideas student presenta
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Hydroelectric plant, wind park and El Torcal
On April 28th 2016 students and teachers visited a hydroelectric plant in Ardales, the wind park in Carratraca and after lunch we visited El Torcal, a karst (limestone) natural park in Antequera.
In this section we have attached works on hydroelectric and wind energy, information about the plant, the park, El Torcal and its surroundings.
We have encouraged our students to make a presentation about these visits by using a different digital format.
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Production plan by each school and marketing plan theory by coordinator. See Italy, Finland and Poland Prezi links above.
Both the production plan and the regulations and legal requirements to register the minibusiness or cooperative in the six cities of the project are included in this document. First the students clustered in national and international groups to exchange ideas in order to put into practise the school minibusiness.
As in the next mobility the schools will have to show their marketing plans, the coordinator showed a marketing plan as a guide. There has also been included a marketing plan designed by the British school.
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EMMA recycling workshops. Two videos are shown above.
Wednesday, 27th April 2016 was devoted to the recycling workshop “La Tecnología deja Huella” (“Technology leaves a footprint”), organised by the city hall of Malaga. The workshop took place in the facilities of EMMA, a company which works on the recycling of technological equipment, and it was managed by a team of instructors from RconArte. This result also includes the presentation of the workshop and works during it by the students in international teams.
There were four workshops, all of them with recyclable materials: drawing, sculpture or mural, disassembling of technological devices, and a visit to EMMA’s disassembling plant.

We include two video links:
Inauguration of the recycling system at IES Huelin:

Workshop at EMMA:
5) EMMA international groups workshopsTE
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Plan, dissemination, minutes and Palermo video
In this result, we include the final plan and the minutes, both of which describe in detail all the activities during the mobility from 29th to 29th April 2016. We also include the main dissemination media for the week. Lastly, we include a link for the welcome video recorded by Liceo Classico Vittorio Emanuele II in Palermo, which will host the next mobility from 14th to 18th November 2016.

It is worth noting that 29th April 2016 was a school holiday in Malaga, but we managed to carry out some activities on entrepreneurship in the facilities of the city hall of Malaga Promálaga UrbanLab at Tabacalera building.
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Penair school improvement plan 2015/16
Here we have some documents about the improvements carrying out by Penair school as learning detectives
Documento Adobe Acrobat 1'001.1 KB   Italy prezi presentation on school diversity.

School diversity presentation from each school
On Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th April, 2016, students from each school gave a presentation on the way diversity is addressed at their school. The focus was on the work with students with disabilities, learning difficulties or from other countries, as well as on absenteeism, discipline or organizational issues.

We are awaiting the German’s school presentation on diversity at their school.
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Sharing school diversity, teacher assessment rubric
The first day we brainstormed about ideas and solutions on diversity at school. Some issues were tackled, such as the treatment of disabled students and those with learning difficulties, absenteeism and discipline. The students were divided into international groups to work on the topics, while the teachers did the same in a workshop. Alicia Sendino, an assessor from CEP Malaga, organised the workshop along with the project coordinator. Some basic notions on rubrics were also provided, and we elaborated one rubric on teacher evaluation based on the teachers’ and students’ ideas. All the ideas and solutions proposed were included in different documents.
2) table 1 school diversity sharing idea
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Welcome, organisation and class observation
The first day of the mobility, Monday 25th April 2016, started off with a welcoming speech by the head of studies of the Spanish school and by the project coordinator. In addition, the project coordinator displayed on the digital screen some organizational ideas to carry out a variety of activities during the week, as well as handing out copies on paper.
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