In the video above this last entry we have Friday photos and videos about our visit to the Barka centre, which takes care of elderly and disabled people, and the ceremony of awarding prizes to the community for a drawing contest and the attendance certificates to the Erasmus + students and teachers who visited the Polish school.

Summary of the main activities during the project, week and project evaluation. See the three videos above this entry

In student international groups, they give short presentations on displays they have worked on, concerning the most Erasmus+ project activities and results in these past two years (in-school work, outdoor trips such as the Eden project in England, the windmills in Spain, or the flash mob in Palermo, etc.).

Students in international groups make posters about the week evaluation and the two-year Erasmus+ project and display the results on posters. This evaluation includes the best and least things of the project, and how it can be improved for next Erasmus+ projects. In the videos above we also have the final speech by the coordinator, teacher meeting and the whole group, as well as a selection of photos of all the mobilities throughout the 2 years.  main project activities and results through the two years  Here we have Friday photos and videos about evaluation of the week and the whole project, final speech by the coordinator, teacher meeting and photo of the whole group  We have a selection of photos of all the mobilities throughout the 2 years.

Zumba lesson.Video is above this entry

On Thursday we had planned a campfire in a forest at Dzikowo, but we had to cancel it because of the snow, instead teachers and students attended a zumba lesson.

Trips during the week. Videos are above this entry

a) Visit to Olsztyn Science and Technology Park in Olsztyn university ( A spokesperson gives an introduction to the Park, saying it mainly works as an incubator for start-ups, there are some 70 companies which range from one to over one hundred employees. There are conferences here, guidance to entrepreneurs, offices at low rates, fully equipped labs…

Some videos are shown with information about the Park and the testimonial of some entrepreneurs who have relocated here from Taiwan, the USA, South Africa… Two more entrepreneurs explain their businesses and take questions from the participants.

There is a visit to the facilities in the Park, including labs, and activities in interactive math museum.

b) Visit to Olsztyn old town and Olsztyn Castle, where Copernicus calculated the spring equinox. A guide explains Copernicus’ life and several points about the museum hosted in the castle.

c) Visit to The Folk Architecture Museum and Ethnographic Park in Olsztynek ( It is an open-air museum with original 19th-century buildings or replicas of classic houses, a church, a windmill… This museum started as a reaction to the loss of cultural traits after the Industrial Revolution.

d) Art workshop in Garncarska Wioska (

Painting of bells, pottery workshop. This workshop is funded by the European Union as a project to give jobs to unemployed people, under a town hall unemployment project.

Spring flowers and plants displays 

Students brought photos of the more common spring flowers and plants in their countries. Students in international groups share and make a display of the photos on noticeboards. The video can be seen above this entry.


Liquidation plans and final reports of problems and possible solutions
Students from all six partner schools present the liquidation plans of each school mini company, detailing the problems they have come across, differences with official companies, and possible solutions.
As part of the school mini company topic, students in international groups paint the eco-bottle chairs and bookshelf crates that are Polish mini company products, using flower designs, Erasmus+ messages, their names... Two videos above this entry show the process of these activities. liquidation painting eco-bottle
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Open educational resources of Art
Students from all six schools give a short presentation on the Online Educational Resources (OERs) of Art, music and multimedia; these presentations are put together on a document to be shared with all the schools. A symbaloo webmix has also been created and shared with all the partner schools and the Symbaloo community. The symbaloo webmix is above this entry as well as a video about the Art OER presentations.
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Plan, minutes with teacher final meeting, sustainability and project results and coordinator’s final speech
The Polish coordinator and general project coordinator were in contact to design the plan for the sixth and last mobility in Gorowo, Poland. The minutes of the mobility was drawn up in rough, and sent it neatly to each partner school after the mobility. This document also includes the final speech of the project coordinator, as well as the project sustainability and project results proposed by the coordinator to his partners.

Above this entry there are two videos:

a) Monday photos and videos about Polish school, surroundings, and headmaster and Bozena, Polish coordinator, speech.

b) Students in Polish lesson and visiting other classes at Polish school.
0 plan, minutes sustainability results f
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