Two talks: school-work relationship and sustainable tourism
Here we include two talks merged given during the week in Truro. One is about the relationship between Penair school and the labour market, and the entrepreneurship subjects and activities developing in Penair school. The second talk was given by Manda Brookman, director of Cornwall Sustainable Tourism project (CoaST).
5 Careers Talk and Sustainable TourismTa
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Finance plans and summaries of mini company developments. See 2 videos above.
In this document we include all the financial plans of each school mini company, as well as some summaries about the mini company process in the schools.
In the 2 videos above we have: 1) German mini company development. It is a charitable business ran by German students and 2) Video made by David from Huelin TV showing Spain business ran by Spanish students.
3 Finance plans except German Spanishvid
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Open educational resources of languages and Finnish documents
Here we have all the open educational resources (OERs) of languages collected by each school. Each resource is explained briefly. This document includes all pages that can be used to learn and teach languages, such as each country’s native language, English and French mainly.
Furthermore, there has also been included two documents shown by Tampere school of Finland, the first one is about the skills and competences that are acquired through international experiences, and the second one is about some available options to learn languages abroad.
2 OER of languages and Finnish talks.pdf
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Plan, evaluation, minutes
In this document we have the week plan to develop from Monday to Friday by students and teachers; week evaluation by students done on Friday, 10 March, and the minutes with all the activities done in Truro from 6 to 10 March, 2017.
1 plan evaluation minutes.pdf
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