IES Huelin Green Team going around classes raising awareness on recycling
In this file we have got the organization of the so-called “green patrol” of the IES Huelin. The students that belong to this patrol and the teachers who supervise them have been visiting all the groups of the High School trying to explain why recycling is important in order to prevent the Climate Change. In the different classrooms the groups have been shown some varied items, like cans, tetrabrick packs, wrappers and some plastic bottles that are meant to be disposed of at the yellow containers and yellow bins that are to be found in the playground and in the corridors. The students were also reminded of the importance of further actions that could be implemented to improve recycling and the energetic efficiency of the school building.
2 IES Huelin green team awareness.pdf
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IES Huelin information distribution after Truro and before Gorowo

In the video above, it is included all the dissemination from IES Huelin after the 5th school trip and before the 6th and last school trip to Gorowo in Poland.

There have been included the minutes of the teaching staff, some online networks of resources as “Averroes” of the Andalusian Regional Government, and “Procomún” of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. These resources appear in different languages and include the steps to create a small enterprise, open educational resources of resources, some social networks that belong to the IES Huelin and also to the project coordinator and to the Erasmus+ project. There have been included some newspapers like “Sur”, “Sur in English”, and “La Opinión de Málaga”. The monitor at the entrance hall and the noticeboard of the project at the same place are also to be mentioned.


Likewise, we should point out that the project has a semi-public online channel called: ERASMUS PLUS 2015-17 ITLP AT EASE, and an eTwinning project where all the activities that have been carried out have been included: