) Recycling improvements from Polish school
This result corresponds to the recycling topic both at home and school, which was covered in the first mobility in Achim, Germany; but it had not reached me until a few days ago. At the transnational meeting on 8 and 9 September 2016, I told the schools the pending work in order to send it to me.
This result deals with the recycling management system that is carried out in the Polish school and in the houses. You can also see some statistics and possible improvements to be carried out in the school and houses.
7 Poland waste disposal missing task.pdf
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Pending documents from Germany
The attached document includes:

A) Dissemination activities by partner school in Achim, both in the school and local newspaper.
B) Information on the treatment of diversity in the centre.
C) Comments on a class observation on April 25, 2016 by a participating teacher in Malaga mobility.
It should be noted that the treatment of diversity was an issue that was discussed in Malaga mobility, where each school presented a document on how their schools deal with diversity issues. Likewise, in the same mobility, both teachers and students observed different classes at IES Huelin in Malaga.
All these documents were handed over by German professor Stefan, on September 9 2016 during the transnational meeting.
6 Germany dissemination diversity class
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Transnational meeting September 2016
In this result we include all the documents related to the transnational meeting topics, held at IES Huelin in Málaga on 8 and 9 September 2016.
The attached includes the following documents:
a) Minutes of the two-day transnational meeting. This includes, among other links, two "padlet" links on the first year evaluation, one with student comments and another with those of teachers.
b) Agenda with the topics to be discussed during the two-day meeting.
c) Table with budget items and their amounts for each school.
d) Second year first plan, with minor changes compared with the first plan.
e) Attendee signed sheet.
It should be noted that each participating teacher was given a certificate of attendance signed and stamped by the headmistress of IES Huelin in Malaga.
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First year Spanish school dissemination
This result includes all dissemination channels from the beginning of the project, from 1 September 2015 until after the third and last mobility in 2016, from 25 to 29 April 2016, when IES Huelin hosted the mobility.
We include Spanish Erasmus + students going around the classes, letter to parents, teachers and headmistress ; local educational authority, facebook, twitter and TV of Huelin district, where the institute is located; facebook and twitter of Huelin school, of the project and of the project coordinator; IES Huelin website; bulletin board and monitor at the school entrance hall; talk to the English Speaking Club of Malaga, and publications in local newspapers, such as “La Opinión” and “El Diario Sur” , both in their Spanish and English edition.
Furthermore, we have also used other dissemination channels such as staff meetings and other types of meetings in the centre, as well as the eTwinning European platform, which is being used to develop and disseminate our proj
4 first year Spanish school disseminatio
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Letter to the mayor of Malaga
One of our commitments made in the first mobility in Achim (Germany) was to improve the recycling system at home, school and in the city. Thus, the students wrote a letter with the help of teachers to hand it over to the mayor of Malaga. In this letter the mayor is asked to install some vending reverse machines in the city, which accept plastic and glass bottles or aluminum cans and give rewards such as money or vouchers. If they could not be installed in the city, one might be installed at Huelin school. Above all, it is a way of raising public awareness on the climate change problem and the importance of recycling among the citizens in general, and the students in particular.
3 letter to the mayor of Malaga.pdf
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Polish school dissemination 2. See video above

1) Three photos about articles about the project and the visits published in local newspapers, as well as on the school website, town hall and local radio.


 2) PREZI presentation to teach other Polish teachers who are interested in participating in Erasmus+ projects: see the prezi presentation:


Polish school dissemination 1
A) A brochure where Erasmus + students define their expectations about the project, and information in order to distribute to parents, new students and the whole community.
B) A banner to inform the community of the participation in the project, which is on the school front wall.
1 Polish dissemination 1.pdf
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United Kingdom contributions to water savings, time bank
This result shows the work developed by UK Penair School on the Time Bank and its Action Plan on water saving and sustainability, in which they talk about their position on the Bank of Time and investigate on water use in England, changes in households, before and after the changes produced, and the evaluation of changes.
4 Penair contributions Time bank and wa
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Malaga dissemination

The video above includes all the dissemination done by IES Huelin from the end of last year to the 4th mobility in Palermo. There have been included the newspaper clippings in local newspapers, such as El Sur digital, El Diario Sur, La Opinión; staff meeting minutes, bulletin boards and school entrance  monitor; social networks of the neighbourhood,  school, project,and coordinator, and networks of educational resources such as “Averroes” and “Procomúm”. In addition to this, the project has two other broadcast channels:

ETwinning ::



) Malaga mini company start

The four videos above includes all the process carried out by IES Huelin in order to implement its "Cups2Go" mini-company, which sells pieces of fruit in plastic cups during breaks, as well as photos and videos of IES Huelin visit to a school mini company fair at Malaga port. There have been included all the arrangements from the beginning until its final inauguration on Thursday, October 27, 2016: questionnaire to students and teachers about eating habits and market research to know possible clients, awareness campaign about the benefits of fruit consumption, importance to throw away the plastic cups into the yellow container, meetings, ...


In this activity we are achieving 3 main objectives: to improve the students’ skills, to create a semi-real company, to improve their diet, and r their recycling habits.

School time bank
This is the result of a series of activities carried out before the third mobility at the IES Huelin in Málaga. These activities include lectures by members of Time Bank groups in Málaga, internet research, discussions between teachers and students, and finally the drawing up of a didactic guide in Spanish and English with 7 annexes in order to carry out the School Time Bank (BTE)
The Huelin school staff have been informed of the characteristics and benefits of the BTE, to be implemented in tutor classes or in any other subject, and the teaching guide of the BTE was placed on the bulletin board in the staff room.
1 School time bank.pdf
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