This video includes some of the first activities.Students showing their presentations to be selected to the Erasmus+project, students and teachers meeting, and first meeting with some technicians from Andalucia Emprendre, as Lucas Bonachera.

This video was made by Marta and Alicia from IES Huelin, as part of the selection task asked for, in order to select the Erasmus+ students in September 2015.

This "Green Game" video was made by the students of Liceo Classico Vittorio Emanuele II participated in , is a quiz game that tests our knowledge about the recycling process. Before the quiz, The students talked  a bit about how recycling works and how we  should  collect the wastes we produce. There are many kinds of wastes. For example we talked about paper, plastic, alluminium, wood, glass and steel. There are different associations in Italy that work for this goal, like: Comieco for paper, Rilegno for wood, CoReVe for glass, Cial for alluminium, CoRePla for plastic and Consorzio Ricrea for steel. It's obvious that this project has the objective of protecting our environment, requesting the aid of young people by simply organizing very interesting and funny games like this Green Game quiz test.

Second IES Huelin recycling activity
Once the first recycling activity was made, we completed a document with the following points: types of waste statistics; how and how much amount is recycled at home, in the city, and the different school facilities; data collection and photos, type of collection, separate or mixed; percentage filled; how often it is emptied: number of bins; majority of waste items collected,…We also included a proposal collection sheet in order to be filled in with the ideas of our European partners during the first mobility in Achim, Germany. This document would be used as a commitment to carry out and improve our recycling system at home, school, and in the city.
7 Second Recycling and waste survey.pdf
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First IES Huelin recycling activity
Our first recycling activity was to carry out a research on our current waste management, both at home, school and city. The Erasmus+ students wrote the different types of waste produced, where we placed them at home, at school and in the street. Some pictures of the bins and containers were taken at home, school and in the city; in the latter case, we took photos both of the containers next to the pavement and the mobile and fixed recycling points. As an example, a monitoring worksheet by one of our students is uploaded, but each of our 20 Erasmus+ students did the activity.
6 First researching our waste.pdf
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We decided to use eTwinning as a means of dissemination, communication, organisation and for uploading all the products and activities of our Erasmus+ project. Teachers and students of the six European countries are registered, as well as D. lucas Antonio Bonachera from “Andalucia Emprende”, Junta de Andalucia. This is the eTwinning public link: . An European map with the five countries’ flags is attached.





Student Attendance Certificate Example
We designed some documents needed in order to be used during the mobilities. These documents include teacher and student attendance certificate and student profile templates; the latter being very important for the host families during the mobilities. As an example, we attach a student attendance certificate for the mobility in Achim, Germany.
4 Student Certificate Diploma with Germa
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IES Huelin project mobile noticeboard

During the first days of September 2015 we were decorating the noticeboard. All the pieces of news, paper cuttings and all the documents related to our project would be pinned up and updated on this Erasmus+ noticeboard, which was displayed at a prominent place in the school entrance hall. An illustration of this is this photo, which shows the project title, the national flags of the participating countries, and the selection test announcement in order to take part directly in the project.

Student selection table and contact details
At the beginning of September 2015 IES Huelin started the student selection process. We made a table in order to assess some aspects of the student presentations. We wanted to be objective and transparent choosing the students, though finally we had to use the academic reports to break the deadlock. The table with the marks was of great value as some parent came to ask why her daughter was not selected. We left some students in the waiting list just in case of any contingency, which finally happened; so, some students that continued working on the project could travel. This assessment sheet could be improved through experience gained over time.
2 Student selection assessment and detai
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Some presentations showed in the Erasmus+ student selection process
On 13 August 2015 we were officially informed by national agencies that our project was awarded by the European Union, and students were told through school social media the following day; previously in June 2015 the coordinator was going around rooms warning them to be on the alert for it during the summer. Students were told that they would have to pass a test in order to select 10 students from 1st year A-level and 10 from 4th year of secondary education. Students interested in participating in the project made a presentation of the project topics and showed it to a teacher panel on 10 and 11 September 2015.
1 Primeras presentaciones para elegir.pd
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