IES energy efficiency measure
This document deals with the installation of 50 LED fluorescent lamps in the IES Huelin of Malaga, and its inauguration on 6 February 2017. The lamps were placed by the maintenance staff in the teacher’s room, the corridor and the ground floor offices.
2 IES Huelin LED tubes installation.pdf
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IES Huelin photography contest dissemination: in this youtube video

This document includes the dissemination of the “First Photography Contest for a sustainable environment” in the IES Huelin, its bases and posters.


The dissemination was made through facebook and twitter of the coordinator of the project, the project, Huelin TV, and the  IES Huelin web page, as well as in local newspaper publications, posters in the school,  and photos on the monitor and the Erasmus+ bulletin board in the school entrance hall .

IES Huelin dissemination after Palermo mobility: In this youtube video

Here you can find the dissemination of the project carried out after the mobility in Palermo ( November, 14 -18th 2016) and before the fifth mobility in Truro (March, 6-10th 2017).

There are pages of dissemination results in Averroes and Procomun, which are networks of resources from Junta de Andalucía (regional government) and Department of Education (national government) respectively.


Dissemination through the social media and  networking (Facebook, Twitter, web pages and moodle) of the coordinator,  IES Huelin,  project and the local TV (Huelin TV). It also includes photos on the monitor and Erasmus+ bulletin board in the school entrance hall, as well as local newspaper publications

IES Huelin Green Team continuity
This document is about the continuity of the IES Huelin Green Team during the 2016/17 school year.
It has a text, the list of students belonging to the green team during this first period and some pictures of them.
3 IES Huelin green team continuity.pdf
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IES Huelin recycling improvements and sustainability
This document includes all the actions referring to the recycling carried out in the IES Huelin of Malaga before the 5th mobility in Truro.
Those actions include purchasing and installation of new containers for recycling in several departments and units, sustainability, dissemination and information at school in order to improve the habits of recycling, recycling of writing materials and plastic bottle caps for a charitable cause, and the organization and development of the I Photography Contest for a sustainable environment in the IES Huelin.
1 IES Huelin second year recycling measu
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