Template with energy and efficiency measures filled in by the Spanish students
Once that the templates were designed, the students led by some teachers filled them up with the data from electrical bills from home and from the school.
In the attached file there are three templates filled in.
5) Spanish 1, 2 y 3 energy data template
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Energy efficiency templates
These activities took place after the first mobility once the cooperative Zencer gave its talks. Four templates were designed. The first one was to write down the consumption, the cost and the kilograms of CO2 generated both at home and at school. The second template was to estimate the energy use and the cost of some household electric appliances. The third template was created to write down measures to achieve energy efficiency at home and at school to be shared during the mobility. The fourth template was to be filled in by all the partners during the stay at Tampere. All the templates were done by the Spanish teachers and students and were translated into English.
4) 1, 2, 3 templates ( SPANISH AND ENGLI
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Activities to be done, plan and minutes in Tampere
We made a list of the initial tasks to be done before the mobility to Tampere in the topics of energy efficiency, entrepeneurship and starting up of a school minibusiness and open resources in Mathematics since the Finnish school is specialised in Science.
The planning for Tampere, designed by the Finnish and coordinated by us, is also included. All the activities done in the five days work are in the minutes.
3 topics to work, plan and minutes in Ta
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Second activity: classroom talks on energy efficiency
On December 18th 2015 the Erasmus+ students got into the classrooms in pairs to talk about how important recycling is, the global warming and the measures to be taken at home, at school and in the city to soothe the problem. They also talked about a contest to find out the least noisy and most environmentally friendly classroom and they encouraged students to belong to the school green patrol.
The attached file includes the text that the pairs read in the classrooms and the list of the students who signed up in the Green Team, the links of the videos shown, the stepts taken to organise the Green Patrol and the first draft of the letter sent to the Major of Malaga to improve the recycling system and the waste management at school and in the city.
2 green team steps from 18 Dec 2015 lett
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First activity: energy efficiency with Zencer. Look at the youtube video. In this video you can see Zencer talks and Erasmus+ Spanish students moving around the rooms raising awareness in global warming effects and the importance of recycling.


After the mobility to Achim, we organised a preparatory activity for the oncoming activities on energy and energy efficiency that would be shown in the second mobility to Tampere, Finland. We invited an Andalusian cooperative called Zencer which provides 100% clean energy. They gave two talks about electric billing, renewable energy and responsible electric consumption on December 21st and 22nd 2015 at the assembly hall. Teachers and students handed electrical bills so that the technician of Zencer explained all the items included. He also advised to save money on electricity and be more environmentally-friendly by choosing the most appropriate fare for home and for the high-school and by hiring an electric marketer which supplies clean energy. Look at the attached videos and photos.